What They Are Saying about SCBS



“From the moment we walked in to The Sarasota Cuban Ballet School we were awed— the unassuming rehearsal spaces in a nearly empty strip mall hid this gem. We were surrounded by dance - wall to wall dance. The swirling sounds of music, Spanish, French, and English enveloped us. This dance oasis rekindle my daughter’s love for dance.”

— Andrea J.

“My daughter has developed significantly in her ballet technique, artistry and confidence while attending the Sarastoa Cuban Ballet School. The school is a hidden gem!” 

— Kay C.

“We live in Japan, yet my daughter Nanami is willing to take a 20-hour flight to dance at the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School. She tells me the flight it’s no bother because SCBS is her second home. She says all the teachers are great and all students are kind.”

— Sayuri H.

“Before joining the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School summer intensive, my daughter was struggling with whether she could successfully rejoin ballet after a several year break. Being 16, she was having a difficult time finding the right company willing to retrain her at an older age, which was sad as she had such a strong desire to learn. After finding a smaller company to train with in our hometown of Denver, plus a year of hard work, she decided she wanted that next really big push of a summer intensive. 

She was very excited (also terrified) when she was able to join the Sarasota Cuban Ballet School program for the 2018 summer season. Even though she was scared about whether she could keep up with the rigorous schedule, that one experience was everything in helping her realize her passion for dance. 

As she couldn't believe how much she was learning, I told her something that a professor told me once. "Students rise to the mark that you set." It’s a philosophy that I see in everything that SCBS founders Ariel and Wilmian do in their daily efforts to push their dancers to the next level. The commitment this school and it’s staff have made to these young people, not only in helping them grow but also fostering relationships between cultures, is both rare and amazing to be part of. It's truly unlike anything I've ever experienced.”

— Elaine N.

The Sarasota Cuban Ballet School has been a blessing to my daughter and our family. They welcomed Victoria at the worst and most critical moment of Puerto Rico’s history; in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. SCBS has provided her with a safe haven, love, and the best possible dance education. This School provides opportunities for each of its students and takes into consideration each and every dancer’s individual needs. This great environment nurtures and fortifies one’s love for ballet. To me, SCBS not only offers an excellent education but its also a model of humility, generosity, and what it means to be a great human beign.”

— Monica U.


Sarasota Cuban Ballet School’s pre-professional training program allowed me to develop not only my skills but prepared me to pursue a professional ballet career with confidence. I never felt that my ethnicity limited my opportunities.

— Cristel Alvarado, formerly at Dance Theatre of Harlem

SCBS is where I spent most of my time working and training. It became more than a ballet studio - it became my second home. I know for my parents the ballet studio means the world to them and if it means so much to them, it means just as much to me.

— Francisco Serrano, Royal Ballet

The 6 weeks I spent at SCBS for the 2014 Summer Intensive Program are among my fondest memories. Dancing at SCBS played a profound part in my development as student and challenged me to become the professional ballerina I am today. 

— Katherine Barkman, Ballet Manila

My mentor, Mr. Ariel, taught me how to approach difficult times and never give up. He took a kid that wanted to dance and made a man who is now dancing. When I get down, I hear his voice: “Come Mikito, one more”.

Best teacher I ever had.

— Michael Mengden, Cincinnati Ballet 

The Sarasota Cuban Ballet School completely changed my outlook on life, and the way I approached ballet. They inspired, nurtured and encouraged me in the most hands-on dance environment I have ever been a part of. This School gave me all the tools I needed to be a professional dancer and prepared me in every way for my job with Boston Ballet.

— Sage Humphries, Boston Ballet 


“Wonderful display of talent. Strong indication that training is individualized, caring. Students seem so well adjusted in such a typically competitive and stressful world. It's obvious that the faculty are not only experts in dance but also in nurturing talent and spirit.”

“Very professional performance! I loved the variety and athleticism.”

”Amazing choreography and the level of the dancers! A high quality of dance technique, unique modern choreography, and warm atmosphere made it a special event for us as a family. There is no other dance school or company in town that combines all these features, providing such a remarkable aesthetic and cultural experience.”

“Gets better each year. The performance was fabulous, inspiring, exciting, wonderful. I felt uplifted after seeing it and I am very glad I attended.”

“This was the BEST ballet I have ever witnessed. We all loved it and plan to attend in December.”